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Frames n Gifts, a proud subsidiary of the reputable SUM Group, a registered company committed to ensuring the highest quality in every product. With over 8 years of valuable experience, we specialize in elevating your events’ memories and capturing those precious moments that last a lifetime.

As part of SUM Group, Frames n Gifts offers top-notch Printing Solutions catering to SMEs, Corporates, and large organizations. Whether it’s recognizing the hard work of dedicated employees or celebrating new hires on special occasions, we deliver premium printables for daily use.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond physical products. In the realm of Digital Solutions, SUM Group brings you a diverse range of services that enhance your online business presence. Be easily discoverable whenever and however potential customers are searching, thanks to our expertise cultivated over years of experience.

Trust Frames n Gifts to add a touch of magic to your events, ensuring that every moment is captured and cherished. Elevate your memories with us and make them truly unforgettable!

The Philosophy

At Frames n Gifts, we believe in crafting more than just products; we curate cherished moments by blending artistic precision with personalized touches. Our philosophy is to resonate with the human ideas, capturing the essence of love and celebration through our meticulously designed Nikkah Frames, Badges, Personalized Decor Frames, Nikkah Pens, Polaroids, Fridge Magnets, and Custom Wedding Cards.

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